Drought Tightens Its Grip on the Plains

Posted on 11/30/2017 10:20 AM

Over the past week, drought conditions once again spread, with the 42.66% of the continental U.S. now dealing with some form of drought of dryness versus 36.82% last week, according to the latest Drought Monitor. Much of the change was in the southern half of the country.Drought Monitor

In the key winter wheat producing state Kansas, drought expanded by 13.00 points from week-ago to cover 47.12% of the state. With that said, drought is not intense enough to be classified as severe, extreme or exceptional.

In Oklahoma, just 27.12% of the state is free of drought, down 11.48 points from last week. Western Colorado is also dealing with dry conditions, with today's Drought Monitor showing 32.93% of the state is dealing with some form of drought, up 4.16 points from last week. Drought stretches across 71.27% of Texas, an 11.29-point advance from last week.

While drought also spread in the Midwest, the change was far less drastic. The latest Monitor shows 18.16% of the region is covered in drought, up nearly a quarter of a percentage point from the week prior. Dryness is primarily concentrated in southeast Iowa and Missouri.  Drought conditions are affecting 74.72% of the Show-Me State.

Drought Monitor

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