Weekly Farm Fuels Bulletin | Fuels Soften as Temps Moderate

Posted on 01/18/2018 12:11 PM

diesel chart

Farm Diesel

  • Farm diesel fell 4 cents per gallon this week on a sharp downturn in Illinois.
  • All other states were unchanged on the week indicating prices are unwilling to trust recent strength in crude oil futures.
  • This week's farm diesel/heating oil futures spread indicates pending price softness for farm diesel, but seasonal demand for heating oil may limit the downside for farm diesel until temperatures begin to warm..



  • Propane softened 2 certs this week on declines in Illinois and Iowa.propane price chart
  • As with diesel, most states were unchanged on propane this week.
  • Temperatures appear to be moderating after frigid air engulfed most of the nation around the first of the year.
  • The downside will be limited for propane as cold weather reaches deep into the southern states.

Week-over Change
Current Week
Farm Diesel
-4 cents
Farm Diesel
-2 cents

diesel and heating oil futures spread chart



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