Midwest Looking Drier, Warmer for Advancing Corn, Soybean Harvest the Next 10 Days

Posted on 10/15/2018 12:34 PM


Harvest weather for Midwest corn and soybeans is looking much improved for the next 10 days before heavier precipitation may return. Cool to cold temperatures to start this week will slow the drying of fields but conditions will improve by week's end in most areas with warmer temperatures, according to Radiant Solutions LLC.


Rain this week will be focused from Texas to the Tennessee River Valley, increasing some harvest delays for corn, soybeans, cotton and other crops. Dry weather will help fields firm across the Southeast after heavy rains from remnants of Hurricane Michael last week.


The freezing temperatures may last another couple of days across the Plains. The hard freezes this morning as far south as Texas may have damage some winter wheat just emerged from the soil, and will slow early crop development, Kyle Tapley, senior meteorologist at Radiant, said in a report Monday. The cold may also cause problems for cotton bolls trying to open.


Rains during the weekend and more this week have created favorable and abundant soil moisture for corn and soybean germination in Brazil. Planting delays have been minimal with wheat harvesting slowed in southern areas. Dryness in northwest Brazil is expected to fade this week with some light showers developing, with more needed as the growing season advances. Tapley said.


In Argentina, dryness continues to develop in parts the wheat belt as the crop begins reproducing. More rain will be needed for improving wheat yield potential and corn and soybean crop germination. Light showers develop later this week and into the weekend, providing some improvement.


Warm and dry weather across the Black Sea region during the weekend will continue this week leading to stress on winter wheat establishment. Driest areas remain in parts of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan.


In Australia, some rain during the weekend and more showers this week will improve soil moisture for summer crops, but not provide much benefit for winter wheat yields in most areas, Tapley said.


In Europe, weekend rain eased dryness in parts of the U.K., southern France, Spain and Italy. the rest of central and eastern Europe continue to deal with lingering dryness and significant moisture deficits for winter wheat and rapeseed, Tapley said. Chance for rain next week remain low confidence.


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