Rain Across Kansas, Missouri, Southern Illinois, Indiana into Lake Erie

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:21 AM

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility says in the Corn Belt, temperatures have returned to near-normal levels, following the recent hot spell. In addition, much of the Midwest has received significant rainfall in recent days. Currently, showers and thunderstorms stretch from near Lake Erie to Missouri.

In the South, hot, mostly dry weather prevails. One exception is the central Gulf Coast region, where locally heavy showers are occurring. In recent weeks, the region’s isolated showers have only partially offset the effects of hot weather, leading to a general in crease in stress on pastures and rain-fed crops.

On the Plains, generally hot weather prevails, with triple-digit heat persisting across portions of the south-central United.States. However, somewhat cooler weather covers the central Plains, where widespread showers and thunderstorms are easing the effects of recent extreme heat on pastures and summer crops.

In the West, hot weather favors summer crop development and northwestern winter wheat harvesting. Several large wildfires are actively burning, including several in central and southern California. Significant rainfall is confined to the Four Corners States, where monsoon showers are occurring.

In its outlook, USDA says during the next several days, cold fronts will continue to ease hot conditions, especially across the Plains, Midwest and mid-South. Heat will linger, however, across the eastern and western U.S. Showers and thunder-storms will precede and accompany the cold fronts, leading to 1- to 3-inch rainfall totals across portions of the central and eastern United States. Showers will also continue, especially during the first half of the week, in the Four Corners States. In contrast, hot, mostly dry weather will persist in the Far West.


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