Notable Drought Expansion in Kansas

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:19 AM

KansasOver the past week, drought expanded notably across southeast Kansas, according to the latest Drought Monitor. It reports that 82.69% of the state is now covered in some form of drought, a surge of nearly 30 percentage points from the week prior. The monitor details that between Nov. 1 and Dec. 27, just 0.92 inches of precip fell in Wichita, Kansas, just 37% of the norm.

Some spotty degradation also occurred in central and eastern areas of Oklahoma and Texas. In Oklahoma, 94.37% of the state is covered by varying degrees of drought, a gain of 6.31 points from the week prior. Drought expanded just 3.65 percentage points in Texas over the past week to cover 24.15% of the state.

Much of the Midwest received some precipitation during the reporting period, which trimmed existing dryness in the region. Just 27.02% of the Midwest is dealing with some form of dryness, with the vast majority of the dry spots characterized as "abnormally dry." The Monitor also notes that "in the Upper Midwest, a growing number of weather stations have broken annual precipitation records."

Drought Monitor


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