Kansas Wheat Harvest Progress Picks Up After Weekend Delays

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:22 AM


Kansas_june212016"The 2016 Kansas wheat harvest is picking back up after weekend delays. As of Sunday, NASS reports the Kansas wheat harvest was 25% complete, ahead of 6% last year, but near the five-year average of 27%.

  • John Falk, manager of the Great Bend Coop Association in Pawnee Rock, reported that his area had enjoyed some 70-80 bushels per acre fields before this weekend's rains. He said that the area his coop covers has some diverse soils and received amounts of rain this weekend, varying from 1¾- 4". The farmers who were on the low edge of that range and on sandier soils were back in the fields on Monday. Some stressed wheat in the area has boosted protein content which is ranging to as high as 12.2 percent. Test weights are also averaging in the low 60s. So far his location has taken in about 70,000 bushels of wheat. "It's still pretty early," said Falk. "But it's all looking pretty good at the moment."

  • Ted Schultz, representative of the Team Marketing Alliance, said that in the Moundridge area 65% of the wheat has been cut, despite the rainy conditions of the weekend. Because Moundridge didn't get as much rain as other areas in central Kansas, many of the area farmers were already back at it on Monday. Test weights have so far ranged from around 60-61.5 pounds per bushel, and protein content is lower than average. Even with the weekend's rains, Schultz is not expecting much of a drop in either. Yields have also been really strong in the area. "These guys are due for a good crop," said Schultz.

  • Clayton Jones, a representative from the Offerle Coop Grain & Supply Co. in Offerle, said that the yields in their area are looking stellar. "I've heard a wide range of yields, but the 50s seem to be on the low end," said Jones. Farmers in the area are battling with downed wheat from recent rains, but the general consensus is that it's going to be one of the better years for Offerle farmers. Test weights are holding steady from 62-64 pounds per bushel, but proteins are lower than average. Harvest really kicked into high gear on June 15, and is expected to stick around another week, as long as it remains dry.
The 2016 Kansas Wheat Harvest Reports are brought to you by the Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and the Kansas Grain and Feed Association.




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