Grain Export Inspections Hold Strong

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:22 AM
USDA Weekly Grain Export Inspections
Week Ended June 30, 2016
Actual (MT) 1,164,887
Expectations (MT) 1,000,000-1,300,000
Comments: Inspections were down 286,340 MT from last week and the tally was within expectations. Inspections for 2015-16 are running 5.0% behind year-ago compared to 5.7% behind year-ago the week prior. USDA's 2015-16 export forecast of 1.825 billion bu. is down 2.1% from the previous marketing year.
Actual (MT) 560,598
Expectations (MT) 350,000-550,000
Comments: Inspections were up 46,829 MT from the previous week and the tally topped expectations. Inspections for 2016-17 are running 40.8% ahead of year-ago compared to 37.5% ahead last week. USDA's export forecast for 2016-17 is at 900 million bu., up 16.1% from the previous marketing year.
Actual (MT) 191,426
Expectations (MMT) 200,000-400,000
Comments: Export inspections were down 104,390 MT from the previous week and the tally fell short of expectations. Inspections for the 2015-16 marketing year are running 7.6% behind year-ago versus 7.6% behind last week. USDA's 2015-16 export forecast is at 1.760 billion bu., down 4.5% from year-ago.




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