Dry Weather Continues in Ukraine

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:21 AM

By Kyle Tapley, MDA Weather Services


europe_sept2016Europe: Showers favored northern and eastern Europe over the weekend. The showers in these areas slowed drydown and early harvesting of corn and sunflowers, but improved soil moisture in advance of winter wheat planting. Showers this week will mainly favor the UK, southern Italy, and former Yugoslavia. Dry weather across most of Europe will favor corn and sunflower drydown and harvesting, but will allow dryness to persist across western Europe, especially in France and Spain.

blackseas_sept2016Black Sea Region: Showers were limited to far western Ukraine, northern Belarus and northern Central Region over the long weekend. Showers will favor northern Volga Valley this week, but dry weather is expected to continue across southwestern Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The dry weather will favor maturation and early harvesting of corn and sunflowers, but will maintain significant dryness across much of Ukraine, stressing winter wheat germination.

china_seppt2016China: Rains favored Northeast China and far western Yangtze Valley over the long weekend. Rains should continue across Northeast China this week, leading to further improvements in soil moisture which should favor late soybean growth. A few light showers will be possible in northern North China Plain, but dry weather will continue in southern North China Plain and northern Yangtze Valley, favoring drydown and harvesting of corn and soybeans, but increasing dryness ahead of wheat planting.

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