Drought Continues to Worsen Across South and Southeast

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:20 AM

The U.S. Drought Monitor saw continued deterioration of drought conditions in the South and Southeast as dry conditions and above-normal temps continued. Parts of the interior U.S. also saw a deterioration in conditions due to a continued lack of rainfall combined with well above average temperatures.


Drought continues to impact the HRW Wheat Belt. Drought now covers nearly 34% of Kansas (31.3% last week), with 36.4% of Nebraska in drought (17.8% last week). Oklahoma has 57.4% covered by drought (52.6% last week) and Texas has 40.5% covered by drought (35.1% last week).


"Short-term precipitation deficits and well-above-average temperatures led to an increase in the depiction of abnormally dry conditions across parts of western and central Nebraska as well as in western Kansas," states the monitor. "The panhandle of Oklahoma saw an increase in moderate drought (D1) and abnormally dry (D0) areas while the southeast part of the state also saw an expansion of these categories as well as in increase in severe (D2) drought."

The National Weather Service Quantitative Precipitation Forecast calls for continued dryness during the next week across the drought impacted areas of Alabama and Georgia as well as a broad area spanning from the southern half of California northeastward to North Dakota. "More precipitation is forecast for the Pacific Northwest and along a band from New Mexico to the Northeast as fronts move through these areas," it states. "In general, warm conditions will dominate the temperature forecast for most of the country in the week ahead."





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