Day 2 Press Release: 2016 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:21 AM

The second day of the 2016 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour concluded with the release of official results from Nebraska and Indiana. Nebraska samples resulted in an average corn yield of 158.60 bu. per acre and an average soybean pod count of 1,223.07 in a 3'x3' square. Indiana samples resulted in an average corn yield of 173.42 bu. per acre and an average soybean pod count of 1,178.41 in a 3'x'3 square.

The eastern leg traced a route from Fishers, Indiana, to Bloomington, Illinois, and found a healthy corn crop and an equally promising soybean crop.

Eastern Tour Leader and Pro Farmer Editor Brian Grete noted, "Indiana has a good corn crop, but I don't think there's quite the consistency needed to produce a record yield in the state. The fields I sampled had enough variability in ear counts or grain length to make me believe the state will come up short of the 188 bu. per acre yield it produced in 2014. For soybeans, the soil moisture is there to fill pods. Typically when that's the case, soybean yields build."

Eastern Tour Consultant Mark Bernard said, "All the corn we sampled in Indiana was maturing rapidly with the milk line already halfway down the kernel. Not so surprisingly, we spotted silage being chopped in the area. On soybeans, with little disease or insect pressure noted, and ample soil moisture with the promise of more to come, it could be a pleasant surprise for producers come harvest time."

The western leg followed a route from Grand Island to Nebraska City, Nebraska, where scouts observed corn and soybean crops very much like year-ago.

Western Tour Leader and Pro Farmer Editorial Director Chip Flory commented, "As we made our way from Grand Island to Nebraska City, it 'felt' like we were missing an ear or two from the ear counts. But, after checking with last year's results and the three-year average, the ear counts actually lined up with what we'd seen in previous years. The soybean crop was a repeat of last year. One interesting 'move' in this year's data is a 4.4% increase in the average row width to 25.49 inches. The wider row-width trend seems to be consistent with what we are seeing on the edges of the Corn Belt this year."

Western Tour Consultant Emily Carolan said, "The ears found on our route showed a little different story from what we saw yesterday in northern Nebraska and southeast South Dakota. Tipback was not as big of an issue, but grain inches were shorter. The bean yields found are extremely consistent and when very little issues arise except for a little rain stress in mid-July, we know the bean counts should be around average."

Today, scouts on the eastern leg travel from Bloomington, Illinois, to Coralville, Iowa, and the western leg will being sampling once scouts cross the border into Iowa and travel to Spencer, Iowa.


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