Since its launch in 1973, people have asked “What is Pro Farmer?

They ask because they sense there is more to being a Pro Farmer Member than merely receiving a weekly newsletter. And they are right!   

Pro Farmer is about giving Members what they need to make the right management and marketing decisions for their farm. Pro Farmer is about freedom of choice -- to be as independent as you want to be -- and also banding together to share knowledge and experiences so you can make the best decision for both your family and your operation.  

Pro Farmer shares hard-to-get information, so you’ll know what the buyers of your products know when you are about to make a marketing decision. When Pro Farmer started, commercial grain handlers had cornered the flow of supply and demand information. The first issue of Pro Farmer in March 1973 changed that by making available to producers for the first time the information that drives the price discovery system. Pro Farmer recognizes the urgency in this information, selects only the most important news and information and provides analysis of the information to assist you in making tough marketing decisions.   

Knowing your industry and having access to information and peers that can help your business are foundations in running a professional business. That’s why we are Professional Farmers of America. It’s not about the newsletter or the editors or seminars… it’s about you, your information needs and active participation in the industry.   

We jump at every opportunity to be an advocate for farmers and farming. We tell success stories and combat “bad” or “misled” farm stories… we feel it’s our responsibility to do that and to encourage Pro Farmer Members to also be advocates for agriculture.

Call us toll free, 1.800.772.0023, for a free conversation on what services you may benefit from.